Glass, wood, lodestones, poster paper, 400 x 400 x 300 cm

Oktogon, Dresden

PING. is an accessible cubic form. On the outside, glass panels have been mounted that have been reverse-painted with black. A dialogue spans all four walls of the cube, etched in a line across the glass panels. In reading the dialogue, the visitor follows the text and so arrives at the entrance. The inside surface is completely lined with photographic wallpaper. The wallpaper features a printed sea view and continues the dialogue that began outside. On reading the entire dialogue, one has turned three times around the work’s centre.

Wait. Wait. Don’t go. There was so much I wanted to ask you. – Not here. – Don’t leave me again. We’ve talked so little. – Follow me. Stop stopping.

– What is this place? – I don’t really know yet. – Isn’t it lonely here? – Sure. Especially on Mondays, but I feel better here. Much better. Sometimes someone comes, keeps me company and makes sure everything is tidy. Do you like it? – I don’t know yet. I have to take a look around. But there was so much I wanted to ask you. – Don’t talk about the past. Look ahead! – Or up. Wow! How ugly the ceiling is. – Yes. We all are under the same ceiling but we don’t all have the same horizon. Do you see your horizon? – Blurry. – Because you need spectacles. – No. Contacts.