Point Of Sale

Glass, steel, automatic fragrance dispenser, lamp, video/audio, couch, c-prints

Zweckfreiheit, Berlin

The sentence WHAT WOULD BE WRONG IF IT SMELLS LIKE THIS AND stands, or rather hangs, in the middle of the work. The sentence is engraved into an industrial lamp and can be read by taking a turn around the table that is found in the room. The table is surfaced with sheets of glass, undersides painted black, reflecting the room. A C-print of a floral still life painted by Jacob van Hulsdonck in the early 17th century is on the table. Alongside it is a price comparison for flowers, houses and paintings from the years 1637 and 2014. A video advertisement from the firm FloraHolland can be seen on a monitor under the table. FloraHolland describes itself as the highest grossing flower wholesaler in the world. On the wall facing the monitor hang two C-prints featuring the portrait and words of Carolus Clusius, the most- renowned botanist of the 16th century, and a Semper Augustus, the most expensive tulip in the 1700s. At the end of the »tour« a fragrance dispenser can be found, of the type used by retail shops to release scent into the room. The scent used here is »Chocolat noir«.