Resonanz 2

2 channel HD video projections, sound, peanuts, 11:11 min loop

Lady Fitness, Berlin

In the exhibition room of »Lady Fitness«, two videos are projected onto two facing walls. Each projection shows a diabase rock face, the scale of which is unclear. Diabase is a form of cooled volcanic rock and one of the hardest and toughest stones in the world. Birdsong from the neighbouring forest can be heard in the background, the sound of which is drowned out after around three minutes by the impact of two separate Molotov cocktails hitting the rock. The collision and sounds of the smashing glass and blazing flames interrupt the chirping. After the mix of oil and benzine has completely burned up, almost no trace is left on the blue-green rock face. The only indication of the event are the fine, single shards of glass and the still-intact necks of the Molatov cocktail bottles.

with Philip Gaißer